How To Earn Money from Cricket Betting in India

Betting money on cricket online is a widespread practice in India. The country loves cricket, and betting on their favorite sport also can make them some quick cash. But the existing knowledge can constantly be improved, and we are here to help the punters with that. If you are new to the whole cricket betting and want to know how to earn money from a cricket betting apps or website, the following instruction is made for you. 

  1. Download an app or select an online sportsbook. 
  2. Open an account on it. 
  3. Then select cricket from the sports section and the type of bet you want to wager your money. 
  4. Deposit the money. 
  5. Place the bet. 
  6. If you win the bet, you will make a profit.

In the following, we will tell you in detail how to earn money from cricket betting in India and give our expert advice!

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Cricket Betting Sites to Earn Money in India

Rank Name Rating Benefits Bonus Description Link
1 Parimatch ★★★★★5
  • Instant withdrawal
  • Best Androind & iOS App
  • Free IPL streaming
150% Up to INR 12,000 New players at Parimatch can get a bonus of +150% on their first deposit of up to INR 12,000.
2 4rabet ★★★★★4.9
  • Full India oriented brand
  • Accepts most payment systems
  • Easy to get in touch for support
+130% up to INR 26,000 4rabet offers good cricket betting options and gives a welcome bonus of up to 130% on your first deposit.
3 Melbet ★★★★★4.9
  • Min deposit of ₹110
  • Nice promos for active players
  • Best customer support in India
+100% Up to INR 8,000 Melbet offers a generous 100% Welcome Bonus up to INR 8,000 on the first deposit made by new users.
4 Betway ★★★★★4.8
  • Min deposit of ₹200
  • Withdrawal within 24 hrs
  • 24/7 customer support
+100% Up to INR 2,500 Betway cricket betting app offers a bonus for new players which might be up to INR 10,000.
5 Rajabets ★★★★★4.8
  • Fast customer service
  • Convenient deposit methods
  • Easy account registration
+100% Without Any Limits This promotion has no restrictions and you can get any amount depending on the deposit amount.

Our Tips for the Earned Money from Cricket Betting in India

Betting isn’t just a matter of luck. It is the culmination of uncertainty and knowledge. Much like every other sport, cricket betting is also not alien to this rule. If you follow and have a better understanding of the game, you can significantly increase your winning chances.

Look for Value

Your actual outcome of the bet is dependent upon the value of the odds. Remember that the odds are based on the favorite and the underdogs of a match. When you are looking into the odds, compare it with your understanding of the team’s position. To earn money from cricket betting, you should choose the sportsbook with the best offers. If you wager on higher odds, you will get more money, and if the odds are low, you will win a lower amount of money. By looking up at the values of each bookmaker, you get to control that outcome.

Get Cricket Statistical

The teams that are involved in the match most of the time repeat their pattern of games. For instance, Delhi Capitals started with having a more consistent performance in last year’s IPL. So they had a higher chance of going to the finals, which they eventually did. On the other hand, one of the most potent teams, Chennai Super Kings, didn’t do that well. This means that you shouldn’t just wager money on the big names to earn money from cricket betting and check out the current statistics instead.

Read Pitch Reports

Conditions of the pitch determine a heavy outcome of a cricket match. There are pitches specialized in bowling formats. For instance, some pitches are damp and give the spin bowlers an upper hand in a game, which means that the team with the better spin attack is likely to have a better chance of winning. On the other hand, pitches in Australia are ideal for pace bowling, giving the team a better spin attack and the upper hand. So before you understand how to earn money from cricket betting, you should understand the pitches’ position that the match is likely to take place in.

Know Cricket Betting Formats

There are mainly four kinds of cricket betting formats that you can apply to a cricket match. These most-used formats are:

  • Basic Bets. This specific format includes Winner of a Match, Match Tied, Winner of a Series, Outright Winner of a Tournament, etc.
  • Team-Based Bets. There usually are two teams in a cricket match. This type circulates around those two teams. The different gambling options here include Winner of the Toss, Team Innings Total, Team Match Score, Under/Over Total, Partnership Totals, Team 4s, Team 6s, etc.
  • Player-Based Bets. A game of cricket involves 22 main-team players, and all of them are included in the betting arena. The player-based gambling options are the most-used by gamblers. These include Best Batsman, Best Bowler, Man of the MAtch, Who’ll Score a Half-Century, Who’ll Score a Century, Most Catches, etc. You have to get your player analyses spot-on to win more significant amounts of cash in these options.
  • Live In-Play Bets. Some consider this to be the most enjoyable of the formats. This one consists of options such as: Runs off the Next Ball, Outcome of the Next Ball, Runs off an Over, Mode of Dismissal, etc. You won’t have time to get your eyes off the game, even for a second, to get these bets right.

Give Helpful Betting Tips Online

The internet is filled with suggestions and tips on how to earn money from cricket. As it is a guiding line towards making better decisions of making bets to earn money from cricket, you ought to look for tips there. Also, make sure to share your suggestions to improve the betting decisions of others. You can also get great recommendations on how to earn money from the cricket app:

  1. Parimatch;
  2. Dafabet;
  3. Betwinner;
  4. 1Win;
  5. 1xBet.

Observe Climate Conjectures

Cricket isn’t like football, and it is quickly canceled due to rain. It becomes impossible to play cricket in the shower. When a match is closed off due to rains, it is declared as a draw. These types of incidents will impact your pre-match bet to earn money from cricket. It will be affected most when the stakes are made before the tournaments. So, keep the climate situation in the account.

The Risks of Cricket Betting in India

There can never be any outstanding achievement without a few risks. Usually, we don’t notice the failures but only see the success. Cricket betting is also another way of winning a lot and risking a little as well. Here are what you will be attempting along the path of cricket betting:

  • Money. The more money you will wager on a bet, the higher the money you will win. But the cost is also similar if you lose the bet;
  • Addiction. Betting brings a lot of money in a short time without any labor. When someone starts winning a lot of money this way, they can be easily addicted to the process. That is why most of the best online casinos are promoting responsible gambling to stop this.

Rewards of Cricket Betting in India

In the end, it is all about the rewards in cricket betting. The cricket betting industry wouldn’t last as long as it did if there weren’t some fantastic outcomes from it. Here are the reasons why people coming back to bet again and again:

  • Winnings. Betting may just be the easiest way of making money. Once you understand how to earn money from a cricket app, it almost works like a cash printing machine;
  • Entertainment. Once you start winning money from placing bets, it can be very thrilling and rewarding at the same time. Some people bet on cricket just for pleasure;
  • Pride. People can take pride in being a winner. If you have the proper knowledge and start winning more money on bets, then a sense of pride will help elevate your spirit.


Betting money on cricket has a “Yin-Yang” situation. While doing it, you may either profit from it or lose a lot in the process. But the problem can be balanced with proper knowledge of the sport and learning how to earn money from cricket app and betting websites. All the solutions given above are just pointers to start having a better understanding of cricket betting. If you want to keep betting, follow the guidelines above and not get addicted to cricket betting.


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