2021 Asia Cup has been postponed for two years

Asia Cup 2021 was officially rescheduled to the year 2023. Under the impression of the Coronavirus pandemic being too much of an influence on the event, the Asian Cricket Council’s directors board were forced to push back the original date. 

Asia Cup 2021 has been postponed for 2023.

The ACC Executive Board, in face of the risks and restrictions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, had made the difficult decision to postpone the Asia Cup 2020 to 2021, the board committee stated during the press conference. Since then, the ACC has been working with its participants and stakeholders to try and ensure that event is held in the year.

However, on account of a packed FTP, it has been concluded that there is no practical window in the year when all the teams would be available to participate. The Board has accordingly considered the matter very carefully and determined that the only way ahead would be to postpone the event. It would therefore only be feasible for this edition of the tournament to be held in 2023 as there is already an Asia Cup in 2022. Dates for the same will be confirmed in due course.

Since the decision was made for the tournament to get adjourned, it means that Asia Cup has been postponed twice in these two years. The initial date of the tournament was scheduled for September of 2020. ACC has considered opening in June and assigned a tournament to play with Sri Lanka Cricket as the event host. This was due to Sri Lanka Cricket and Pakistan Cricket Board interchanging hosting rights for the next two seasons of the tournament. The way things keep going on, Pakistan will act as the event host for the duration of 2022, and Sri Lanka will take charge of the 2023 edition.

Asia Cup has been in rotation of T20I and ODI formats since 2016. Pakistan has not hosted the event since the year of 2008. Sri Lanka was in charge of the 2010 season with three following years located in Bangladesh. Indian player Rohit Sharma was a winner during the last Asia Cup tournament in the Arab Emirates, back in 2018.

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