Among 15, India and Australia Also Show Concern In Hosting ICC During Next Cycle

According to the game’s global governing authority report on Monday, Australia, India, and England are among 17 member countries that have shown concern in hosting the International Cricket Council during the next eight-year cycle of tournaments from 2024 to 2031. According to a PTI report, last month BCCI decided to run three global events, including two shorter-format World Championships, for the next cycle starting in 2024. 

However, India’s board of directors is unwilling to pay for hosting. There will also be the tax exemption issue that the BCCI must obtain from its government to host any International Cricket Council event. The BCCI decided that at the last Emerging Apex Council meeting. It has been revealed that the BCCI will bid for a champion trophy, the T20 World Championship and the World Championship with more than 50 participants.

India and Australia expressed interest in hosting ICC White-Ball Events.

The International Cricket Council has begun the process of identifying the organizers of the men’s white-ball event after expanding its program of events in the next cycle starting from 2023.

The ICC World Trials Championships, ICC Under-19 Women and Youth Competitions hosting into the new cycle will be decided in a separate process starting later this year, as reported by the ICC to media. 

Eight men’s One Day International and T20 competitions, including two ODI Men’s World Championships, four Men’s T20 World Championships, and two ICC Champions Trophies, will be held from the 2024-2031 cycle, and participants were asked to submit a preliminary technical proposal as a possible host.

Both individual country requests and joint proposals were included. Initial requests were received from Bangladesh, England, Australia, India, Ireland, Namibia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Scotland, Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, and the United States. 

“These events provide hosts with a wonderful opportunity to work closely with local communities to grow the game whilst supporting economic and social development public policy goals,” – said Geoff Allardice, the ICC Acting Chief Executive.

The ICC recently announced that the Champions Trophy that has not been held in England since 2017, will be returned during the next FTP cycle and India has decided to apply for it. 

“We will now move forward to the second phase of the process where Members will provide a more detailed proposal before the ICC Board takes decisions on our future hosts later this year,” – added Geoff Allardice.

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