IND vs ENG 2022 | Don’t really like a silly term like ‘Bazball’, states Brendon McCullum

England head coach Brandon McCullum didn’t like the term “Bazzball” which people use to argue that the philosophy of the game involves a tremendous amount of thought. McCullum also noted that all players on the team will try to keep a positive attitude in the upcoming matches.

The English have been in great shape since Brandon McCullum took over as head coach and Ben Stokes led the team. Thanks to the efforts of the team and the duo of McCullum – Stokes, the team won all four tests. The game was very dynamic, but the team did not lose optimism and scored points at a fairly aggressive rate.  The new playing approach of England team was called “Bazzbal” by many cricket experts and the media. 

McCullum stated that the term is silly and there are many thoughts and ideas in the philosophy of the modern England team’s game.

“No, I don’t have any idea what Bazball is, having a bit of a go, but the boys have been fantastic, couldn’t have asked for a better start really. I’m sure that our guys will try and still maintain a really positive approach. I think the real key is not just the crash and burn if we look at the approach of how the guys have done it,” McCallum, who attended the SEN WA BreakFast, told Adam Gilchrist.

“That’s why I don’t really like that silly term that people are throwing out there, because there’s actually quite a bit of thought that goes into how the guys manufacture their performances and when they put pressure on bowlers and which bowlers, they put pressure on. There’s also times where they’ve absorbed pressure beautifully as well.”

England’s consistent attacking approach has helped them reach goals in excess of 300 in Test cricket on several occasions. The team hopes that their positive attitude will continue in the current T20I season against India.

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