Indian women were fined for slow play at Women’s Twenty20 International

The players of India were punished for their offense. They will be paid only 80 percent of the total fee. They were guilty of being slow to play the second Twenty20 International against England.

The Indian cricket players were fined for slow play during the match against England.

India’s players lost 20 percent interest of their fees due to slow over-rate during the second Tw20 International against England.

It happened on Monday afternoon when the Indian women’s team played against the England women’s team in the second women’s international cricket game.

The game was played in Howe, in the west of the United Kingdom. At the end of the game, it turned out that the girls played very slowly, it was not within the scope of the game, and was not supported by the official rules, so the referees recalculated the amount of game time and decided to take measures and punish the Indian team. The Indian women were one over short of the target after time was taken into account. Famous professional referees controlled the teams and directed the game: Tim Robinson and Sue Redfern, Ian Blackwell, and Paul Baldwin.

The referees considered their decision well. Of the ICS international panel of referees, Phil White was the one who found India’s number 7 player Harmanpreet Kaur-led. The players were fined. The penalty was 20 percent of their match fee for each over their team fails to play within the allotted time. The referees were looking at Article 2.22 of the ICC Players and Attendants Code of Conduct. The team was very upset and depressed, but after a while, Kaur accepted the penalty and admitted the error, so there was no need for a formal showdown and hearing.

Deepti Sharma, who played in the second Twenty20 International match against England on Sunday, caused the collapse, and this situation provoked a solution to the problem. As a result, India was able to return to the series. Ultimately, the return of spinners consisting of Panam Yadav, Sne Rana, and Deepti helped India defeat England by eight runs in the second Twenty20 international.

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