Three Outstanding English Players at IPL 2022

The IPL mega auction 2022 was held on February 12 and 13 in Bangalore, with a large number of cricketers bidding for the auction, and England players were no exception. 18 English cricket players went under the hammer in this IPL auction, and 11 of them were offered contracts and joined franchises.

Prior to the IPL 2022 auction, the Board of Control of Cricket India (BCCI) was informed that English cricket players would be available throughout this year’s season. IPL franchises choose English players for their squad as these are the players who perform well on the white ball. 

Let’s talk about three English players to watch out for in the upcoming 15th IPL season 2022.

Three Prominent English Players to Play in IPL 2022.

Jason Roy (Gujarat Titans)

The Gujarat Titans were the only franchise to pay attention to Jason Roy in the IPL auction. The franchise purchased England’s opening white-ball player for 2 crores. 

Jason Roy’s reputation is pretty good, currently establishing himself as one of the most formidable batters in white-ball cricket. He has 7,275 runs scored in 267 T20 matches with an average of 29 and a staggering strike percentage of 144. 

In the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2022, Jason Roy is the highest-scoring overseas player. In the PSL, he has scored 303 runs at an average of 50.5 and a strikeout rate of 170.2 in six games. In a duo with Shubman Gill in IPL 2022, English batter Roy can produce some terrific results. Jason can play the role of striker in the first six overs, while Gill will be his addition. 

Roy has been involved in three different franchises in the past, so he is not new to the main T20 competition. He has scored 329 points in 13 games in that competition. However, being on the Gujarat Titans team at the moment, Roy is hoping for a more productive and consistent game.

Mark Wood (Lucknow Super Giants)

Mark Wood caused quite a stir among franchises in this past auction. Franchises like the Delhi Capitals (DC), Mumbai Indians (MI) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) fought hard for his candidacy. And such a fight for a player is not surprising, as Wood is one of the fastest bowlers in world cricket at the moment, who can surprise his fans with his ferocious bumpers or crushing yorkers.

As a result of the bidding, the English pacesetter went to the Lucknow Super Giants franchise for 7.5 crores. 

However, despite many franchises’ interest in his persona, Wood still didn’t compete much that season. Playing in the IPL in 2018 for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) was not his best performance, where he conceded 49 pucks and was left without a wicket in four overs.  But despite that, he can produce terrific results in the short-iron format of the game in the upcoming IPL season if he can develop a well-disguised slow ball.

Liam Livingstone (Punjab Kings)

Liam Livingstone boasts of being the most expensive purchase in the IPL auction 2022, besides being England’s highest-paid cricketer as it is. The Punjab Kings franchise bought the player for 11.50 crores, even though Livingstone’s base price at the auction was 1 crore.

Such a high price to acquire a player for the Punjab Kings team is justified because English player Liam Livingston is a versatile righty who can play both off-spin and easy-spin. That said, he holds the England record for the fastest century in the T20I (42 goals). In addition, Livingston’s reputation is only growing as he positions himself as a player who strikes the ball aptly. 

To date, Liam has made 167 T20 matches in which he has scored 4,110 points on a shooting percentage of 145. He also has two tons in this format and 23 fifty-feet. Livingston also boasts that he is a handy spinner, scoring 69 scalps with a 21 average and a 7.7 save percentage.

However, despite all of these high scores in the T20 format, Liam has not performed well in the IPL. In the 2021 IPL season, Liam was a member of the Rajasthan Royals (RR), where he managed just 42 shots in five games with a shooting percentage of 102.43.

However, it is hoped that playing in the middle lineup for the Punjab Kings with players like Johnny Bairstow and Shah Rukh Khan will give Livingston the strength to perform at his best in the upcoming 2022 IPL season.

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