Best deposit & withdrawals methods for cricket betting in India 2021

If you are an Indian online gambler then you must surely think twice before making a transaction online. Many of the popular deposit methods are available not only on betting sites but also in cricket betting apps. As it is your money the choice should be yours to make as well. But before making choice one must have the knowledge to be eligible to make so. Online betting sites for cricket have a huge number of deposit methods. Here are some benefits that you should check before choosing one from the deposit methods

  1. The time limit of the deposit. 
  2. Check if the deposit methods are safe or not. 
  3. Amount of fee while making the deposit. 
  4. Currencies used by the deposit methods. 
  5. Reliability if the deposit methods.

Check out all the available deposit methods and choose the best for depositing to a betting platform.

What are the available deposit methods for Indian bettors?

The options for deposit methods in online betting is huge. Online betting sites support almost any form of betting payment method. Here are all the deposit methods available for indian gamblers.

Bank credit cards

Bank cards have rather oxymoronic popularity when it comes to be judged as one of the popular deposit methods in the online betting world. The point is that banks in India don’t always work with online casinos as viable deposit methods. Still, they are nonetheless some of the most popular betting payment methods out there. 

  • Visa. We are putting this at the beginning because Visa is the most popular deposit betting payment method out there. It could be because it doesn’t take any betting payment fee. There is also no withdrawal fee when it is done with a Visa. On top of that, the betting payment is also done fairly quickly. 
  • Mastercard. When it comes to popularity among the deposit methods in India Mastercard takes second place. Much like Visa, there is no fee charged when it comes to withdrawing money. 
  • American Express. Among the bank betting payment methods, American express is used the least and isn’t available in a big number of online casinos as one of the deposit methods.


eWallets work as a middleman or intermediary between the bank account and the site of the online casino. So, how do eWallets stand out compared to the other deposit methods? Let’s take a look at the features of eWallets.

  • eWallets are extremely simple for the users with usually great interfaces. 
  • The Indian people will find Ewallets almost in all the betting sites out there as one of the deposit methods. 
  • Gives the users an option to not be directly involved with the deposit methods. 
  • eWallets are available in both India and worldwide as one of the top deposit methods in online casinos. 

There are numerous eWallets on the internet. Which may be a reason for you to be compelled to try out all of them. But it won’t be a wise choice to do so. For that reason, we have selected the top eWallets with the best deposit methods.

Prepaid cards (Paysafe, Astropay)

Prepaid cards are another popular deposit method among the others. The use of prepaid cards is pretty global in today’s world. The online casinos also haven’t forgotten to keep it along with the other deposit methods in their arsenal. Here are some of the brighter sides of the use of prepaid cards in online gambling. 

  • Complete your betting payment just with the card. 
  • Prepaid cards don’t need to be connected with any of your bank accounts. 
  • Unlike other deposit methods, prepaid cards can be bought directly online. 
  • It is one of the most available deposit methods in online gambling sites. 
  • Indian rupees can be used as a viable currency. 
  • The lowest deposit using Indian currency is 70 rupees and the highest is 70,000 rupees.

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Created by the National Payments Corporation of India, Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a great option to choose from the deposit methods in the online gambling world of India. The idea behind creating Unified Payment Interface was to empower the online banking world in India. Here’s why Unified Payment Interface works so well with the other deposit methods. 

  • One of the safest deposit methods is created and regulated by the National Payments Corporation of India. 
  • It can merge multiple banking accounts. 
  • The Unified Payment Interface app has multiple features made out by fusing all multiple banking facilities. 
  • Works as one of the most used betting payment methods in Indian online casinos.

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Cryptocurrency (BitCoin, LiteCoin)

Cryptocurrency is one of the most effective deposit methods in the newest betting payment methods. The whole currency is virtual and is bought and sold the same way. It is entirely unlinked with all the other deposit methods that need some sort of connection with the bank. Here are some facts about cryptocurrency – 

  • It is extremely fast and proven to be safe. 
  • Cryptocurrency can be untraceable if the user wants it to be. Which would protect his private information. 
  • The betting payment can be done internationally through foreign exchange methods with cryptocurrency. 

Some of the best cryptocurrencies as deposit methods in India are. 

  • Bitcoin 
  • Litecoin 
  • Ethereum 
  • Monero

What is the process of depositing on betting sites in India?

There are two parts of this question actually. The first part of this query is how many deposit methods are used as the online betting payment methods. As the procedures will change with the different deposit methods that are available in the casino and chosen by the user. This part covers the deposit methods of online casinos entirely. You can also get deposit bonuses in pretty much every online betting site or casino.

Via Credit Card

  • Sign into the betting account. First of all you need to go to your online betting account after opening it. 
  • Find “Deposit”. Go to the deposit options. 
  • Select “Banking”. From the deposit methods choose the banking option. 
  • Select your bank. Choose the bank that you use from the deposit methods option. 
  • Fill in the details. Provide them with all the necessary information that they ask for. 
  • Confirm the deposit. Deposit the amount of money you wish to. 

Via eWallets

  • Go to your betting account. Open your betting site and sign in.
  • Select eWallet. Select your choice of eWallet from the deposit methods options. Most definitely connect with a wallet that you use regularly or have opened recently. 
  • Enter your details. As your selected betting site needs some mandatory information about your deposit methods you will have to provide them with that. 
  • Type in the amount. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit using your eWallet.   
  • Finish and enjoy. Complete the process from your selected site. 

Via Text Messages

  • Choose “Banking”. Select banking from your betting website. 
  • Select “Deposit”. Choose to deposit money. 
  • Type in the amount. Enter the amount of money you desire to deposit. 
  • Type in your phone number. Enter your original phone number. 
  • Verify the number with SMS. Verify your phone number. 

Finish and enjoy. Complete the deposit by following the steps given to you by your casino.

What is the process of withdrawals from betting sites in India?

It is as easy to withdraw money from the betting site as it is to do with the deposit methods. Even though the withdrawal procedure is pretty similar to the deposit methods we are listing it out as a support for your betting start-up.

Choose “Withdraw”

You can choose the withdraw option from the banking section from the site of your choice.

Select a method

Include the method of withdrawal you wish to use.

Select an amount

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your betting account.

Complete the transaction

Finish the withdrawal and enjoy.

Most common payment gateways for betting sites in India

Payment gateways are basically merchant services that work as a support for the online e-commerce world. In the case of gambling online it is easier if the objective is to lessen the complication of the deposit methods. Along with the reduction of complication payment gateways sometimes even offer bonuses for the users. 

  • Skrill.
  • PayPal.
  • Neteller.
  • InstaDebit.
  • ecoPayz.
  • Qiwi.

These are some of the most payment gateways for online deposit methods used in India for online gambling.


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