How to deposit with Astropay at cricket betting sites

Astropay is one of the most trusted e-wallets out there that has been around for almost a decade now and it’s running its operations smoothly in India. And honestly compared to other online payment systems, it is much simpler to make Astropay deposits and withdrawal. In fact, that might be the sole reason why Astropay deposit is running its operation in over a dozen countries around the world. Astropay is mostly popular in India because of the bettors of the much popular sport cricket

Every day millions of Indian bettors make Astropay deposits and bet at cricket betting sites and apps. Astropay deposits can be made from many currencies. Once an Astropay deposit is made, it can be used to pay for any kind of currency. So make an Astropay deposit today and start your online journey by betting on cricket.

You can use Astropay to deposit your circket betting platform in Indian Rupees.

How to easily claim an Astropay Card from India

Astropay is already widely popular in India. In case if you don’t know how to acquire an Astropay card and if you also don’t know the procedure you have to follow to open and set up an AstroPay account, just follow these procedures to quickly grab a card and make an Astropay deposit and start your online journey while sitting in India!

Join Astropay

The Initial step is to visit Astropay’s official website and find where you can register for free. There will be a “Sign in” tab which is generally situated on the upper right corner of the main menu. Click on it.

You will redirected to a registration page.

Enter the details

After tapping on the “Sign in” tab, You might find the menu where Neteller is asking for your information. Information like name, e-mail, password, country, zip code, etc.

Press 'Register' and then confirm your mobile number.

After the verification, Astropay will let you choose a card

A card of your choice of transaction limits which varies between 30-30,000 dollars.

Choose the card that is convenient for you to deposit on cricket betting sites.

Make an Astropay deposit

The next step is to make an Astropay deposit and start your journey. Pick your nation of home and the currency that runs in your country. For example, Astropay deposits India. Then you select your Astropay deposit method, from where you will make an Astropay deposit. Either local banks of India or any internet banking.

You can choose the payment method for depositing an Astropay card.

And you got your Astropay card

Just like that, you can get your Astropay card just by registering and making an Astropay deposit. You may receive a virtual Astropay card. It will be sent to the email that you provided. This is exactly like the actual cards, it accompanies a sixteen-digit number and C-V-V codes. It is substantial for one year from the day you registered and made an Astropay deposit.

Now you have your Astropay card and can make deposits on cricket betting sites.

What can you do with an Astropay Card?

An Astropay card is a useful material for browsing online and especially it is useful if you are an Indian bettor who wants to bet on the Cricket game. Maybe the IPL is in this season. The biggest benefit of having an Astropay card is you don’t have to go through much trouble to get one. It doesn’t require much documentation, It’s basically an easy come-easy go. An Astropay card is a virtual card that you can use on any corner of the internet. From paying for your month’s groceries to perhaps making an insane amount of money from making the biggest bet on the next IPL fixture with your Astropay deposit.

You can claim for different types of Astropay card and of different values.

The Procedure of withdrawing money from an Astropay Card in India

Astropay offers a variety of Astropay deposit and withdrawal methods. These methods differ in withdrawal fees and time for processing. Choose from where you want to make Astropay deposits and withdrawals according to your convenience.

  • Tap “Cashout”. Go to the website and find “Cashout”.
  • Choose your bank. Select bank to withdraw from and submit bank information.
  • Confirm the amount. Enter the amount and confirm.

That’s it! Making Astropay deposits and withdrawals from India is very simple and easy and it almost never takes too much time.

Pay attention, that Astropay withrawing to an Indian bank can take some time.

Where can you find Astropay mobile app?

Astropay has taken a massive hit in India due to online betting on sports like Cricket and also due to the increased number of mobile gamers out there. Everyone wants to have a virtual card that they can manage through a mobile app. To offer just that, Astropay has an android and an IOS app. Both work perfectly on their respected devices.

  • You can find the Astropay App on the Google Play Store.
  • You can find the Astropay App on the IOS App Store.

Download the Astropay mobile app, install it and make payments whenever you need to.

What is the ID number in Astropay?

If you want to go beyond the amount that Astropay allows you to make Astropay deposits and withdrawals when you use it for free? You can do that when your Astropay deposit account is verified. To verify your Astropay deposit account, you have to submit some kind of documentation that proves your existence to the Astropay deposit community. The documentation can be a NID, a driver’s license, or a passport. After that, according to that number, the Astropay deposit is going to set your own unique ID number. This ID can be used to make a payment or make an Astropay deposit and withdrawal.

Verify your account, get your personal ID and make deposits and withdrawals with ease.

Cricket betting sites that accept Astropay cards

There are lots of online casinos that accept Astropay deposits since it is so easy to make an Astropay deposit and withdraw from India. The following online betting sites accept Astropay as one of their primary transaction methods. Start making money by making an Astropay deposit and visit these online casinos to make a bet on cricket:

Sign up for one of these cricket betting sites and make deposits with Astropay.

Can you use Astropay safety from India?

Absolutely Yes. Astropay deposit has one of the best money security facilities with a two-factor security option and they maintain the maximum level of data and user security in their policy and activity.

Your personal information and money are absolutely safe in Astropay system.


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