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Initially, Parimatch was a network of physical betting shops. But with the development of the Internet and mobile betting, the company focused on developing its own mobile application. Customers got a convenient and functional application for betting on cricket and other sports. Today, Parimatch app is available for customers from India. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of the Parimatch betting app, bonuses, download APK process, making deposits, and withdrawals.

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Parimatch mobile app is the most convenient way to bet make deposits, watch live streamings and bet on cricket in India.

Parimatch Mobile App Review

Parimatch application is available for every kind of device. Anyone having an android or iOS device can initiate the Parimatch India APK download and, on completing the procedure, bet on their favorite sport via the Parimatch application. Parimatch app review reported that the Parimatch had set the standard of sports betting on a whole new bar. Parimatch promises a faster interface with a decorated website, generous bonus, and sincere customer service. 

Parimatch app review also said that the Parimatch betting app provides all the recent sats with utmost accuracy. Every player, their every move, every history of every match all are available in the Parimatch betting app database. Parimatch app review focused on one other thing of the Parimatch betting app. And that is its authenticity. Clients can sleep peacefully after betting their money on the Parimatch betting app.

Anyone who is even remotely related to the betting apps recommends the Parimatch India App for any kind of gambling because no other online bookmaker gives out odds as great as the Parimatch India. Parimatch application also provides the option to draw out a bet already mad before the final result shows up. Isn’t it great? You can check out the stats and odds every few minutes uploaded on the Parimatch India app website and then decide whether you want to keep the bet or not. This is a unique option provided only in the Parimatch application. 

Since the Parimatch India APK download is convenient for everyone, this article will help readers grasp the process in detail.

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Read the informayion below to learn more about Parimatch mobile app, its installing proccess and features.

Parimatch mobile app for Android

The company running the Parimatch application made sure people from every corner can reach out to this. The Parimatch review provides this information that the Parimatch APK download is completely free. You don’t have to spend a single penny to get the chance to bet on your favorite sports via the Parimatch application. Not only its cost-free, but the Parimatch apk download process is also easy. The Parimatch India app is a must-have in your app collection if you are into online sports betting. Thousands of people are using the Parimatch apk, trying their luck daily. It is not difficult at all to get a hold of this marvelous creation, the Parimatch apk by the best software developers in India. If you are an android user, you can have the Parimatch India app ready to go within seconds. All you need to have is an android phone up to a certain standard and a stable internet connection. In this Parimatch app review, you will get to know the Parimatch India APK download procedure in detail. 

  1. Go to the official site of parimatch at this link. This will take you to the official website of the Parimatch apk.
  2. Scan the code. You will be given a QR code that you need to scan to initiate the Parimatch India apk download.
  3. Choose the Android version. You can simply select the android version from the options given by the Parimatch application.
  4. Download the app. The Parimatch apk will be auto-downloaded.

After that, you can install the app on your Android mobile phone.

The Parimatch application/Parimatch app has some basic system requirements to be fulfilled for getting installed and usable as the Parimatch apk. These requirements are not different from any other very basic gaming app requirements.

  • Android apk minimum version 4.2 or 4.4 or 4.4.4 is required for Parimatch application/Parimatch apk installation. 
  • 4 GB of disc space and 1280*800 minimum screen resolution is recommended since you will be experiencing very detailed graphics in the Parimatch application/ Parimatch apk.
  • At least 4 GB of RAM is required for the Parimatch India apk download and run on your Android
  • Parimatch application/ Parimatch app’s last requirement is that your processor is intel i5 or higher (u series).

Any android fulfilling these requirements can have the Parimatch India APK downloaded and up and ready to go.

Parimatch app review has claimed that their latest update of the Parimatch Application/ Parimatch apk makes the experience even better. With their latest technology, Android is best suitable for the running of Parimatch applications. If you have the old version of the Parimatch application/ Parimatch apk installed on your phone, you don’t need a new Parimatch India apk download. The Parimatch application home bar can switch to the updated version on the top right corner.  

Parimatch application/ Parimatch apk shows all the current sports updates at the same time. So you can bet on multiple sports simultaneously and get all the updates through the Parimatch India app. So, the overall performance of the Parimatch India app is top of the hat.

How to install Parimatch mobile app for Android?

Parimatch application Parimatch apk is a sports betting app determined to take its client to another comfort level. The Parimatch application Parimatch apk isn’t available in the google play store. So, the Parimatch India apk download isn’t possible via that. Many might think that has increased the hassle to the process of the Parimatch India apk download. But it is easier to download the Parimatch application/ Parimatch apk directly from the website. Here is a detailed procedure for installing the Parimatch application after the Parimatch India apk download:

Change the settings

Without setting changes you won't be able to download and install the app.

Open the Settings application on your device. Click on the unknown sources option. You will find an option asking for your permission to allow download from unknown sources. Click “Allow / Ok”.

Open the file

It will open the installation program.

Go to the downloads option on your search engine. Click on the downloaded Parimatch apk.

Give permission

The downloading will start.

Your device will ask for permission to install the Parimatch apk. Click “Allow / Ok”.

You are good to go

Now you can sign up or log in to Parimatch account, and place bets and play casino games.

Parimatch application will be up and ready to go.

Parimatch mobile app for iOS

Parimatch application is available for iOS devices also. The system requirements for Parimatch download for iOS devices are the same as Android. Every iOS device comes with these requirements already fulfilled. However, the Parimatch apk download for iOS might be a bit different from that of Android. The process of Parimatch download for iOS is as follows.

How to install a Parimatch mobile app for iOS?

Here is a detailed procedure for installing the Parimatch application after Parimatch apk download in your iOS device:

  • Open settings. Open the Settings application on your device.
  • Change the settings. Click on the unknown sources option. You will find a prospect asking for your permission to allow download from unknown sources. Click allow/ok.
  • Go to downloads. Go to the downloads option on your search engine.
  • Open the file. Click on the downloaded Parimatch apk.
  • Allow access. Your device will ask for permission to install the Parimatch apk. Click allow/ok.
  • Start betting. The Parimatch application iOS will be up and ready to go.

You can start betting on cricket here.

Sports betting in Parimatch mobile app

Parimatch apk download in your device is a decisive win because they offer a diversified betting market. Parimatch application not only offers sports betting but also there is an option for casino betting as well. Although the sports betting option is more distinguished in the Parimatch application. The sports which are available to bet on in the Parimatch application are as follows:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Ice hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball

You can choose whichever sport and place bet on it at the Parimatch app via your mobile phone.

How to make a cricket bet in the Parimatch application?

Clients mainly use Parimatch applications to bet on cricket matches. The detailed procedure to make a cricket bet in the Parimatch application is as follows:

  1. Go to the app. Go to the homepage of the Parimatch application.
  2. Click on “Sports.” Tap on the sports option to choose a sport from all available options.
  3. Select Cricket. Select cricket and wait for the page to reload.
  4. Choose a market. The page will show you all available cricket markets worldwide, open for the site or app.
  5. Select a tournament. Select your league of choice and place your bet. You can wager on more than one cricket match.
  6. Select an amount. Parimatch application authority will automatically reduce the bet amount from your registered Parimatch application account.

Choose the Parimatch mobile app to place bets on cricket.

Bet types in the Parimatch app

Below we look at the betting options for different sports in Parimatch app. Explore this part of the review and choose the right option!

There are different categories of bets available on the Parimatch application. A few of them are discussed below:

  • Single: A person has to put this bet individually. There is no limitation or fixed time of placing the bet.
  • Parlay: Several teams come up together to place a bet.
  • System: The odds of winning this bet get higher because the client doesn’t need to win the bet by getting all his selections in his favor.
  • Parlay+: This is a specialized type of bet which has different conditions than other betting criteria.

You can place different types of bets at the Parimatch betting app.

Betting options in the Parimatch app


The client can watch the sport live on which he put his bet on. Parimatch application will cost money for this, but the experience is premium.

You should sign up to watch live streamings and bet.

Live match statistics

Parimatch application homepage shows stats of every game live when the game goes on so that the customer can judge briefly before finally placing the wager.

You can watch the statistics and change your bets during the match.

Virtual esports

Other than sports betting and casino gambling, the Parimatch application has the scope to bet on virtual esports like motorcycle riding, virtual horse riding, etc.

Also, you can bet on cybersport: Dota, CS:GO, League of Legends and others.

Push notification

This is an option through which you can access all the data about the incidents even when you are not using the app.

You won't miss any events or notifications with push-messages from Parimatch.

Pre-match betting

This option allows clients to wager beforehand any tournaments or games.

Place bets on upcoming sport events at the Parimatch mobile app.

Multi bet placement

You can bet on multiple sports or matches at the same time through this option.

Place bets on different sport events simultaniously and get profit.

Live casino

Parimatch application has a live casino which is heaven for regular casino gamblers.

Try live-slots, board games from well-known developers at the live-casino section.


This option allows you to get your money in cash after you win a bet.

Choose the most convenient method and withdraw money.

Lucrative bonus

The welcome bonus offered by the Parimatch application is very tempting and available for all novice clients.

Sign up, make the first deposit and get your bonus on betting via mobile phone.

Parimatch mobile website overview

For anyone who is into sports betting, a Parimatch apk download is a must. It not only runs as the fastest betting app but also provides innumerable app services. The deposit and withdrawal terms are simple. The website is written in several languages so that it becomes easier for clients to use. In short, the Parimatch application is the allrounder of the sports betting app.

Download, install and bet on cricket via Parimatch mobile app with comfort and ease.

Parimatch app FAQ

Is Parimatch App Free to Download?

Yes, the Parimatch application is entirely free to download.

How to Update Parimatch App?

Click on the apk file of the Parimatch app on your phone. The app will be updated.

What is the Availability Schedule for Customer Support Parimatch?

You will get the customer care service open 24 hours a day.


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